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Understand space. The fundamental role of an architecture company specializing in interior design.

May, 2023

Our Commercial Manager, Marcelo Pascual, had the honor of participating in the broadcast No. 34 of the program "Espacio y Confort" , led by Mariana Stange, a renowned broker in the Corporate Real Estate environment. During a pleasant chat, we had the opportunity to show the work we did for Kavak Argentina at Torre Bellini (Esmeralda 950) and share details about our communication with the client. We also highlight the great challenge involved in completing a 5,800 m2 project in just 5 months.

When companies are looking to relocate, it is crucial to have the support of an architecture and interior design company to help them understand the space. Marcelo, our expert on the subject, points out that this is the main task of MP when analyzing together with the client who they are as a company, how they work, what their values ​​are and what they want for their space, as well as what they want to convey. At MP, we understand that each client is unique and that their needs and objectives are different. For this reason, we immerse ourselves in a process of active listening and close dialogue with our clients to fully understand their vision and wishes. Understanding your business identity, your way of working and your values ​​allows us to create personalized and functional spaces that reflect your culture and promote productivity and well-being of your team.

Our approach goes beyond aesthetics and superficial design. We strive to understand the true potential of each space, optimizing its distribution, maximizing functionality and making the most of available resources.

In addition, we address the key aspects that we consider when creating healthy and comfortable spaces, so that employees can fully enjoy them. We discuss how the office design paradigm has changed in the post-pandemic era and focus on the Bellini building in particular, highlighting its architectural features that make it an excellent opportunity to set up a company.

It was an honor for us to share our experiences and knowledge in this program, and we thank Mariana Stange for giving us the platform to do so. We will continue to be committed to providing high-quality solutions in the corporate real estate sector.

If you are interested in see the complete program, you can do it here.

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