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When a company decides to move their offices three queries may arise:

  • How do I calculate the surface I need to look for?
  • How much money should I spend on setting up a new office?
  • How long does the whole process take?
Garantia de 12 Meses

MP WORKPLACES gives a 12-month-warranty for the jobs done by their contractors, which is independent from the warranty offered by every supplier.

MP services start by answering these questions and they continue with professional advice on each stage of the process.

Real estate consultancy

MP has the resources to guide the search for an office from the very start. We guarantee that the surface the company is looking for fits the requirements of the company.

MP offers the possibility of doing a Test Fit in two or three offices previously chosen to state which one is the most appropriate according to these three relevant parameters: spatial quality, investment needed and execution time.

MP has the necessary tools to make a valuation of the properties selected to establish which is the most convenient by comparing them from the determining factors for each company (basic concepts, location, floor flexibility, costs).

Corporative projects

MP specializes in office design. This enables us to optimize the use of space to obtain more harmonious and efficient workplaces, and by incorporating sustainable resources we generate economy in the facilities and contribute to the care of the environment.

MP premise is to interpret every company’s philosophy so as to combine all the elements within the workplaces that help improve both productivity and quality of life at work of the employees.

MP also designs the corporate image of the company by creating a brand’s manual so that all branches have the same corporate identity.

Project management

MP works with highly qualified professionals to deal with project management. This implies organization, planning and control of the available resources in order to achieve the goals set by the Company.

Such management considers knowledge, technology, environment, structures, services and products. If they are handled adequately, they provide support to the entire process and the success of the management is guaranteed.

To accomplish the set goal, it is necessary to strike a balance among the internal demands that compete among themselves (scope, deadlines, costs, quality). These are reflected in the identified requirements (needs) as well as in the unidentified ones (expectations).

Execution of work

MP provides an integral service that includes the complete turn-key execution of work. This means all the special suppliers of each area are included within the same contract, to guarantee the quality of the materials used, in the deadline already arranged and with a straight estimate.

MP gives a 12-month-warranty for the jobs done by their contractors, which is independent from the warranty offered by every supplier.

MP offers a Facility Management service for clients who do not have maintenance staff and require an external resource for the maintenance of their offices.